A miracle!

Rachel, was always alone, she did not have any friends. When the teacher did ask a question she never answered, she was really broken down, she had the lowest scores of the class, she didn’t care, when her mom asked her with tears in her eye, why? She told her mom with a passive tone, she doesn’t have a reason to do it.

I remember one of the girls had a wedding in Manchester, her mother called me that her daughter doesn’t want to go the wedding she want to go to camp,
another success story
another success story

our director Mrs sandel did diagnose her, Rachel doesn’t think she is worthless, she is really less then everyone around her, and everyone knows it, so there was no reason for her at all to try to do anything. she did give up before the battle even started, the reason for that can be numerus, a bad childhood, or bullying, she didn’t give any effort for friendship, so everyone that tries to speak with her once, she didn’t properly introduce herself, so they didn’t do it again,

We took in Rachel; we gave her somebody to be her sister always, a new older sister, in place of no one. Someone to be with her, we made her the captain of the craft team, and it was wonders she changed in those two weeks, no one could believe it is the same girl.

she started to laugh, she had loads of new friends, she even redo a test from the last term, and everyone did see she really does have talent’s. Rachel was a new person.

and Rachel is not first case and not the last case, and not the worst case, after 2 weeks the director Mrs sandel did receive a big bunch of flowers with a box of chocolate as a thank you from her mother, but the director said the most rewording thing wasn’t the chocolate or the flowers, it was the tears of joy that cam out of the mothers eyes.

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