Do not let the future down!

Help us! so we can help the future begin, we can’t do it without you, we don’t have yet a regular base for donation as some other charities have, so we depend on you donation entirely,

I remember one of the girls had a wedding in Manchester, her mother called me that her daughter doesn’t want to go the wedding she want to go to camp,

Without some funds, we will not be able to go on to much further.

The future of Brittan is the next generation, the young people from now, they will form the future of Brittan, and that is all we want to have a bright future.

we are trying to set a bright path for their future, to set them all in the right path, we do it with our many projects, single projects and group projects and sometimes a family in need, but we can’t do it by our self alone, so we need your help without it many of our projects will simply close, no one want that to happen, especially not the kids, so help us save the future. s

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