Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Our aim is advancing education and training, so we help people build themselves. especially vulnerable people, Build friendship. Become responsible. To have a future, not being stuck along the way.

When we learn a skill – sport or private tutoring. This gives them a life skill. This also Builds their inner self-value. Gives them more confidence. A will to learn, calms their impulsivity. Makes them more acceptable to their friends because they also achieve something. This might also help them stop bullying others. They are numerus positive outcomes.

We believe if someone can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

 Sometimes the above can be achieved by giving them a retreat. or better clothing if there is a need for it (if bullied by friends because of poor clothing etc.). Books to learn and learning accessories when needed, or toys for younger people when needed,  

A trip to a museum to give them more knowledge, or giving them a retreat to be able to focus at school. 

sometimes the above can be archived when helping out their families. or sometimes we will simple help out families in need etc.

where everyone can find happiness

Our focus

Our main focus are the young people, Healthy children mentally and psychologically makes healthy adults. To save their future.

and we give them a way they would be able to focus at school.

if the road is straight forward then the future is bright

Our Vision

we can change any girl no matter the circumstances, in the right moment the right time the right method, we will never give up on anyone

The Goals

1)  To make every girl feel special, needed and appreciated for their own values regardless of skin, Race, Talent, Origin, or capabilities.

We do this by creating a happy, positive and relaxed atmosphere showering the girls with loads of personal attention. We give them opportunities to talk, to sing, to dance, to share ideas, and talents.

2)            To give the children a chance to relax and unwind:

We do this through enjoying nature, meeting with many farm animals and feeding them, we take them on relaxed walks alongside flowing rivers. We take them to carefully selected suitable locations that hosts a variety of wildlife and greenery, all this helps them to enjoy life, to relax and open up.

3)            To teach children how to have confidence and how to become independent:

We therefore travel mainly by public transport, (this also helps maintain a healthy environment), and we teach the children how to get to and from lovely places easily. giving them a sense of direction. We give them loads of guidance, how to read maps, follow instructions, count until your stop comes, and how to get on and off safely. We also teach them what to do if they are ever lost.

4)            To teach the girls social skills:

We teach our girls How to form a friendship, how to interact with others appropriately, how to be responsible, take turns, be sensitive to others feelings, how to develop positive characters, how to voice frustration in a suitable manner, how to be helpful, how to offer your talents and ideas.