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this is our must dedicated team, they don’t eat sleep, only when the job is done, please help us out, we cant do it alone

you can donate £100 or any other amount you like
even the smallest deed is our big help

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if you give with gift aid please let us know in the order note as we should be able to claim

for donation without filling out any forms please insert any amount and donate trough button below,

all our staff are the best in this line of work
even the trustees are hard working mothers with children, loving children, love to make them happy most of them are teachers having a lot of practice with children, our main trustee Mrs B Josefovitz is a teacher for over 20 years with a lot of experience with a very good record,
our trustee and treasurer Mrs C. R. is also a well known teacher for long years.
both have taught various ages and children with different abilities.
Our trustee Mrs E. G. is a working mother with a lot of practice with children.
The same is with our trustee Mrs O. m.
our director Mrs. D Sandel works during the year as a high school teacher, and social skills group facilitator, for over 15 years, and senco, and school psychologist guiding vulnerable girls, she has a great outlook on problems,she will incorporate those lessons and values through exciting activities, she is also a practitioner of the Feuerstein method, and continuously teaches children how to think independently. she is well known in the local community as an expert in helping children in need.
our head leader Mrs E. T. is one of the best head teachers and is a qualified family counsellor/ therapist.

I remember one of the girls had a wedding in Manchester, her mother called me that her daughter doesn’t want to go the wedding she want to go to camp,



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